Art direction / Design


Lazeye is a canned champagne brand that aims to appeal to a younger demographic with its unique name and irreverent approach to the traditional luxury drink. The brand's unique name "Lazeye" is easy to pronounce and spell and evokes a sense of playfulness and enjoyment, aligning with the theme of a bubbly night out. The brand is packaged in cans, making it convenient and portable for consumers to enjoy in various settings. The cans come in bright and bold colors, making it stand out on the shelves.

Lazeye is perfect for those who enjoy the taste of champagne but want a more casual and fun way to consume it.

What we've done

1. Brand naming and overall brand kit

2. Social Media content

3. Redefined product packaging

4. Creative campaign

5. Artistic direction


"Design and develop an identity system that effectively conveys the theme of a playful and enjoyable "bubly night out in your twenties"


We used cohesive and visually engaging elements such as color schemes, typography, imagery and interactive elements that align with the backstory.

— Product design: Innovate the champagne consumption experience.

— Align verbal and visual branding components.

— Design visual campaign that conveys with the brand identity created.

— Develop a visual social media content calendar to enhance online presence.


Our branding effectively captures the essence of a youthful and casual approach to consuming champagne as a party drink, through an innovative product design and a visually engaging brand identity that aligns with this concept.

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