Visual identity


"When the power of your spine meets the art of pilates" - Spine Pilates is a minimalistic studio that emphasizes proper spinal alignment and core strength through Pilates. Offering a variety of classes taught by experienced instructors, the studio creates a serene environment for clients to focus on their practice and take control of their physical health and wellness.

What we've done

1. Strategic Design

2. Art direction

3. Brand kit

4. Copywriting


The client came in with an absence of a clear vision for her pilates studio. We were entrusted with creating the core of the business while ensuring it aligns with the instructor's simple and serene persona.

We needed to find ways to stand out from other studios and differentiate ourselves in this crowded market by creating a one of a kind brand identity and offering a unique experience for our clients that sets us apart from the competition.


— Use the body anatomy the focal point of branding.

— Align the the brand persona with the instructor's personality.

— Use subtle yet powerful visuals and copy material throughout the brand.

Spine logo: Visual representation of the brand.


The branding work  captures the essence of the instructor's personality and centers the entire brand identity around the anatomy, highlighting the importance of body as the top priority.

This is reinforced through the use of thoughtful iconography inside the logo itself and strategically placed visuals and copy material throughout the studio equipment.

If you want to stand out like "Spine Pilates", don't wait, request a free discovery call with us. We can help you differentiate yourself in a crowded market by understanding your target audience and business goals, developing a branding strategy that effectively communicates your brand messaging and values, which in turn leads to increased brand awareness, customer loyalty and ultimately, sales.


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