Visual Identity


Introducing VEI, a jewelry brand that combines the timeless elegance of Greek mythology with a modern aesthetic. Each piece in our collection is carefully crafted to evoke the beauty and grandeur of ancient Greece, while maintaining a minimal and contemporary design.

With VEI, you wear a piece of history and feel the goddess in you.

What we've done

1. Storytelling

2. CopyWriting

3. Brand Kit

4. Creative Campaign

5. Artistic direction

6. Product Shoots

Vei Logotype

Behind the brand

Building this brand started by curating the name, "VEI," is derived from the Greek word "vëì," which means "shine." The brand's identity is rooted in the rich history and culture of Greece, and its designs are influenced by the myths and legends of the ancient world, which explain the iconography derived itself from a mythological character.

Campaign & Copywriting


The primary obstacle that must be overcome is to firmly establish a distinct, mythological identity for Vei that differentiates it from other jewelry brands.


— Establishing a distinct iconography reminiscent of Greek mythology.

— Establishing a distinct and recognizable color scheme and overall unique identity.

— Implementing a powerful visual campaign and utilizing effective copywriting, creating a strong brand backstory.

This branding established a distinct overall identity that resonates with the target audience and differentiates the brand from competitors. The powerful visual campaign and thoughtful advertising copy were able to effectively communicate the brand's messaging and values to the target audience.

Our team of experts are able to understand your target audience and business goals, and use that understanding to create a branding strategy that will help you stand out in a crowded market. With our help, you can effectively communicate your brand's messaging and values to your target audience, resulting in increased brand awareness, customer loyalty and ultimately, sales.


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